It is widely accepted that Chatbots significantly boost and improve customer engagement, as well as providing a cutting edge to marketing and sales strategies.

MobileMonkey is no exception.

MobileMonkey specializes in creating powerful AI chatbots which are supremely capable of interacting with customers, segmenting audiences, growing contact lists, and effectively driving leads into conversions.

But before we take a closer look under the hood of MobileMonkey, let’s get the introductions out of the way first.

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What is MobileMonkey?

MobileMonkey is a multi-platform Chatbot builder that connects businesses with customers via Web Chat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, among others.

Through these conversations or “chats”, the feature-rich MobileMonkey effectively generates leads, welcomes customers, automates FAQs, and offers real-time technical support.

MobileMonkeys multichannel approach means that every communication channel is handled in one Unified Chat Inbox, making the management of a plethora of integrated automations that much easier.

Now that we are on more familiar terms, let’s consider some key features. 

Key Features

MobileMonkey boasts a number of innovative key features, from the creation of business chatbots, through to their deployment, management and analytics.

Let’s begin at the beginning with the ChatBot Builder itself.

ChatBot Builder

A guiding principle at MobileMonkey is that you can launch engaging messaging campaigns within minutes, without any prior experience of bot building.

To back this up, MobileMonkeys Chatbot Builder features an easy-to-use template based interface to make the process of bot building as simple as possible. 

Text, images, image galleries, native video, GIFs, email notifications, and other widgets, can simply be dragged and dropped into the desired chat page and—hey presto!

Once built, MobileMonkey chatbots allow you to instantly chat with prospects and customers alike, using Facebook Messenger, SMS, native web chat and more.

And if you happen to run into trouble, then don’t worry, help is at hand in the form of OmniChat. OmniChat incorporates an error handling functionality to keep you pointed in the right direction as you go along. On the subject of which: 


Powering the very core of MobileMonkey is the patented OmniChat technology.

OmniChat gives MobileMonkey’s web chat software a distinct advantage over the competition. Unlike most of its rivals, who limit the use of Chatbots to websites, OmniChat Builder allows you to engage with your customers over a range of different communication “channels”, including websites, SMS, Facebook Messenger or other messaging apps.

Significantly widening your network.

To further enhance and simplify this multichannel approach, OmniChat unifies messages in one OmniChat inbox, filters conversations by their respective channels, and provides automated “follow ups” to existing chats. 

And if the need arises it can even assign conversations to agents.

Chat Blaster

Chat Blasts are arguably the most popular form of automated messaging for businesses. Chat Blasts allow you schedule and then “bulk-send” highly engaging and interactive content to Facebook Messenger contacts. 

Not only can offers and marketing campaigns be followed up in this way but with the integrated Chat Blaster statistics, marketers can “visualize” and monitor their most successful blasts, so as to better act on the data in the future.

Chat Blast can be as much as 10 times more effective than standard email blasts. In fact an impressive 70 percent read rate is fairly standard for a Chat Blast. Compare this with the fairly typical 25 percent you can expect to get with the email equivalent, and the benefits become obvious.

MobileMonkey orchestrated Blasts can be immediate or scheduled for a later time and date, to really optimize engagement in an impressively segmented and bespoke way.

Chat Drip Campaigns

MobileMonkey’s automated Drip Campaigns keep leads alive, boost audience engagement, and boast improved visibility over their email generated counterparts.

In themselves drip campaigns aren’t a particularly new phenomenon but when coupled with the levels of engagement associated with Facebook Messenger, a campaign launched in this way becomes significantly more effective.

MobileMonkey powered Facebook Drip Campaigns are a breeze to set up and will give you the edge in scaled marketing solutions.

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Chatbot Contact Growth Tools

Mobile Monkey boasts as many as 8 integrated Facebook Messenger Lead Generation Tools. These so-called “Lead Magnets” turn the capturing of contact information and engaging with potential customers into a question of pure magnetizm. 

Let’s briefly run through them, shall we?

1. FaceBook Post Comment Guard

By their very nature auto-replies make a Facebook post more engaging. And this level of engagement can be turned into lead generation. The FaceBook Post Comment Guard feature turns commenters on a post into new contacts, simply by virtue of an automated reply, 

MobileMonkey autoresponder tools act as lead magnets on all your Facebook posts.

2. Click-to-Messenger Ads

Traffic Ads lack imagination. Because of this they can be easily ignored. Messenger Ads however are much more engaging in their appearance and content. Messenger Ads are adept at channeling visitors to Messenger, allowing you to capture appropriate contact information far more effectively.

3 Scan Codes

QR (Quick Response) Scan Codes offer an easy way to connect with potential customers.

Assuming they have a Messenger account and camera equipped smartphone, they can be connected with your MobileMonkey bot in a matter of seconds.

4. Messenger Landing Pages

Mobile Monkey’s Messenger Landing Pages combine the benefits of a traditional landing page with the ability to capture contact details and leads that you can use in Messenger.

Simply through sharing information you can funnel visitors to Messenger. From where a lead “follow-up” becomes a matter of course.

5. Checkbox Opt-ins

The MobileMonkey Checkbox Opt-In is a simple way to build an “opt-in” contact. While your customers communicate, you receive their contact details.

Clever really.

6. Link to Messenger

Custom links to Messenger from your website can lead to an increase in instant mobile conversions. 

Simply watch them being guided through the “conversion” or “purchase funnel” in real time.

7. Send to Messenger Button

The MobileMonkey Send to Messenger button can be positioned anywhere on your site, allowing a chatbot to guide a visitor to relevant information that much faster than would otherwise be possible.

8. Website Chat Widget

MobileMonkey website chat widgets mean that visitors don’t have to leave a webpage in order to engage in chat. This ingenious little feature can lead to greater conversions.

Chatbot Analytics

But what would all this functionality be without analytics? MobileMonkey chatbot analytics are available in Pro and Team payment plans and provide all the data that marketers need, from the growth of contact lists, to conversions in chat.

Data really does matter.


Moving data to other incorporated systems can speed up business processes significantly. Thanks to the integration of Zapier, MobileMonkey can easily transfer customer profiles and other data to any other applications that you might be using, such as, HubSpot, MailChimp and Slack.

In this way, MobileMonkey effectively joins the dots.

A Final Word on Pricing

Much of MobileMonkey is free to use, but for professional users who require that little bit more functionality, there are 3 different pricing plans: Pro, Pro Unicorn, and Team.


Chatbots allow you to effectively engage with customers and drive powerful marketing campaigns. In marketing terms MobileMonkey significantly outperforms any ordinary landing page, email list or traditional approach in lead generation.

MobileMonkey offers you the very best in this kind of automated engagement simply by maximizing the already significant potential of the most popular communications platforms around.

By tapping into this wellspring of chat you effectively take your message to the world.

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