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Crypto market analysis. News

Expert Predictions for the Crypto Market in 2023

The FTX collapse dominated the world at a time when Tom Brady, one of its main shareholders, revealed an impending divorce from his longtime partner. Well, no one knows for sure whether the two events are correlated but collapsing of FTX shook the crypto market to the core. You see, FTX was the envy of […]

Wishing you a happy 2023. News

Top 6 Events Likely to Shape 2023: Mark Your Calendars

Happy New Year. As you strategise on what 2023 holds, here are some of the events likely to dominate conversations in Europe and beyond. 1. King Charles III Coronation and Camilla, Queen Consort Following the death of the towering Queen Elizabeth II, the UK and the world at large awaits the coronation of King Charles […]

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The Future of AI Driven SEO Content

In today’s digital world, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses and organizations of all sizes. A well-designed website, filled with engaging and relevant digital content, is an essential tool for attracting and retaining customers. But creating high-quality content can be a time-consuming and costly process, which is where AI-driven SEO content comes […]

Earth is our only hope. News

Predicting Climate Change: Anticipating A Ticking Bomb

The United Nations Climate Change Conference COP 27 recently held in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt underscored the severity of climate change on the human population. Interestingly, the constant bickering of global leaders in dealing with this menace reared its ugly head with an extension needed to find a consensus on one of the leading threats […]

Predicting The Top 5 Technology Trends: Looking Beyond 2023

Have you grabbed the newly launched iPhone 14? Well, Apple released the product starting September 18, 2022, and you can grab yours at your nearest Apple store and legal distributors. As a futurist, we’re obligated to bring you insights to help you interpret the next frontier of tech trends. In some instances, the tech trends […]

Analysing and Predicting Consumer Behaviour

Before the advent of the internet, producers used to undertake time-consuming and expensive surveys to understand consumer behaviour. Consumer behaviour analysis is not a new concept. Data and analytics have simplified the field further. Some companies use social media profiles, search history and past purchase decisions to determine consumer trends, and thus respond appropriately. What […]

Predicting the Next Pandemic: Is it Possible?

Could a computer accurately predict the next pandemic? Is it possible to prevent 6,597,200 COVID-related fatalities so far reported from happening next? Predicting the next pandemic sounds like Philip Dick sci-fi but scientists continue putting in the work to make the world a safer space for us all. It’s not easy HIV/AIDS and the flu […]

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Technology to Predict Trends

Technology is indisputably the next level of driving policy and business decisions. For ages, the normalisation of weather, financial, and market forecasts suffocated the applicability and acceptability of technology to influence the future. Despite its relative infancy, technology forecasting must start gaining more prominence than currently provided. History of Technology Forecasting A forecast comes from […]

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Careers for the Future: Learn and Prepare

What did the COVID pandemic teach you? Well, for starters, I learnt to live every day to the fullest. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? An apocalypse? Or will the so-called global powers finally exterminate the rest of us with nuclear weapons? Perhaps a zombie attack. My family and I swore never to devour each […]

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Predicting Fashion Trends

Kim Kardashian or Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel? Who among these are the main influential fashion celebrities of our time? What is Fashion Trend Forecasting? Refers to the goal of understanding insightful dynamics of the fashion industry. Fashion prediction covers the colors, fabrics, patterns, styles, silhouettes, and expected clothing selection for upcoming seasons. Businesses require to […]